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Get Traffic On Your Blog || 1000 views Per Day

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Get Traffic On Your Blog ||1000 Visitors per day

 Happy new month in advance So many times i wonder if i could ever make it blogging,But you know what the answer is yes,I know i haven’t earn a lot blogging.But i bet you there are a lot more to blogging than you think.I started Blogging when i was 15 years of age,As at then i only wanted to show the world that i was useful,which i did.All my aim then was i wanted to own a website.And yes my wish came true.Is true wordpress has some plugins which suppprts Seo optimization.But never stop trying.You can also end up giving testimony.Bloggers we are meant to earn a lot even than any other career.But the problem is ? Where will i get traffic from.Yeah I was faced with the same question.But thanks to an american blogger who educate me on how to get traffics on my blog.
So getting traffic on your blog is very easy i will explain one by one.

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  • How Do I Get More Traffic On My Blog

    Don’t kill yourself thinking about this because the sole of traffic is blog content, After talking to him this evening.I observed that he told me “I have gone through your web Most of your post isn’t up to 350 words” I was amazed he said he counted my post.He told me Content is the sole of traffic.Traffic on your web should not be illegal do your things legally compose your post with an attracting topics. I wanted to give up on blogging but something in me kept me going.Anyway how can you get traffic on your blog.its easy cos am following the steps now cos I want to succeed blogging.

      >>Traffics Through Media

    The Largest communication network is facebook.You can earn traffics on your blog using facebook it might not have a lot of traffic cos you are posting your post in the wrong place or in the wrong groups.You can get thousands of visitors if you post in a facebook groups Do not forget content is the key for traffic
    . They do say millions of account on facebook belongs to dead people.Yeah it’s true but do you know billions account on facebook belong to living.Getting traffic on facebook is easy simply prepare your post and then go to your web page and copy the link to the post then forward to the groups you have and mostly on your status.You might be lucky to get viewers from your friends.So try forwarding links to groups don’t overdo facebook is very strict.They can block your link on Facebook.Your link will no longer be accepted by facebook.

    Twetting is great isn’t it?But you can get traffic to your blog from twitter.Twitter is great for promoting your blog posts.Most cases i use twitter But it i don’t earn more traffic unlike facebook.But in case you have a lot of followers you can get traffic a lot from twitter too just copy your new post url and paste it as a tweet.Then start getting traffics


    Quora right!! Successful bloggers get their traffic from quora.When you post on quora,Add a link to the post to get it traffic Always treat interesting topics and also topics that trends.Take a look at your blog and search for the post with many views Have it in minds that your visitors are expecting more of that post from you.Quora is a big network where everyone is looking for views and traffic.Getting a lot of traffics on quora is based on your content


    I can’t say much about Pinterest but as it has been even till now almost all blogger uses pinterest.Pinterest is good for traffic when you have a great content It’s your subtopics that tells you how many viewers you will have
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  • ExampleSomeone writing a post About earning money
    can’t earn same viewers with those sharing cheat codes.The one will cheat codes will surely gain more traffics than The one with earning money.Pinterest gives you a lot of traffic if and only if you know how to use it.

      >>Traffics Through Guestpost

    Have you ever though of the traffic you can drive to your blog through guestpost.Many bloggers this days find it lazy to write guestpost for other blogs.But do you know that through guest post you can drive millions of traffics to your blog.Imagine yourself writing an acceptable guestpost on lindaikejisblog with your link on it and it was being approved.Do you how many traffics you have brought to your blog. Lindaikejis blog has the least 3000viewers a day.1Millions per year.Writing a guest post for Naijaloaded
    and getting approved i assure you 10000views that day.Because naijaloaded has the maximum of 1Billions view per year.Through guestpost you can earn traffics too

    How Do I Get Traffic Through Trust?

    All readers all want a trending post.All they want from you is no copy and paste Most bloggers love to do the copy and paste method.But the truth is that any blogger who still uses the copy and paste method is no longer a blogger but a promoter of someone else content.When I started blogging as a career i indulged my self into copy and paste feature.But i thank God i was correct by the admin of Fansnik who told me to delete all the copied post Although i find it hard cos it had a lot of views but i had no choice than to follow the rules of blogging.When you copy and paste,your reader might have read the same thing from somewhere else. Then your blog will be a no go area cos of copy and paste
    . Beware

      >>Traffic through Backlinks

    This process isn’t that easy but it is better for driving traffic in ones blog.Backlinks
    are links to your blog given to you from another blog,This is a process by which you link into a blog from another blog. How Do I Get Backlinks ?
    Backlinks are being sold,but you might be lucky to have a friend that has a big blog.Beg him to give you a backlinks and get more traffic.

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