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How To Make Money Affiliating Amazon

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How To Make Money Affiliate Amazon

People Always ask me jerry you no longer have access to Adsense,So how do you earn blogging?. Your answers are ready,IMake money affiliating on amazon.After some trauma with adsense,I felt heartbroken and decided to give up blogging but some motivations kept me moving,So i decided to dive into affiliate marketing and earn money.Am not saying saying adsense isn’t good,But when you are in my own shoes there are things you do to earn money.I appreciated adsense for giving me the two which i wasted because of unawareness.But thanks to frank who gave me the advise that i should dive into affiliate marketing I really appreciated the idea.So now why i decided to write this article is because i know am not the only one facing this adsense trauma.

I heard people saying “When adsense blocked me i had to open a new blog with a new gmail”.But why must you close down your blog because AdSense blocked you or disabled the account.Why not dive into affiliate marketing?.

What’s Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the process by which you advertise for a platform it can be jumia,konga,1XBet.In this affiliate world you must know how to bring traffic on your blog.Am sorry if you are nigerian,Never expect anyone to buy from your link except if you have connection with rich people.Affiliating is great but needs a lot of patience in it.

Why Amazon?

Why amazon like i said,I chose amazon above all affiliate because of some reasons;
1.No Restrictions
Amazon is known across the world,Amazon delivers good to anyone around the world,Amazon is very trustworthy.When you refer some affiliates to people,They feel bad not to choose them cos they can be guaranteed for good products
2.Showing Payments Withouth Cheating:
They pay without any complaints.Now that i just started,i already have 20.06$.Because someone purchased a laptop, You can also be a partarker. of this affiliates programmes,They pay you once someone bought a good or products from your link.Their payments are guaranteed
3.Native Ads Presence
They provide you native ads which gives shapes to your blog or web.And as we all know native drags customer faster to our blog.

How Do I Sign Up With Amazon Affiliates?

I would have love to drop the link.But i can explain very easy.
Here It Is;
1.Go to chrome on your phone
2.Type in “amazon affiliates sign up”
3.Get ready for much questions
4.Then sign up

How Do You Make Money || Affiliate On Amazon

Money on affiliates is simple and easy if you know where to paste it in your blog,or web.After signing up with amazon.You won’t be given any referral code.But for banner it’s easy, Just listen.When you see the search button.Type shoes and search,then you see alot of results shown. then pick native ads.And copy the code given to you.Then go to your blogger layout.Then add gadgets,Pick HTML then paste the code.Make sure it’s posted in your sidebar.So that native ads will show below then you earn.When people click to buy something from your links.
Don’t feel upset if adsense disable your account,just quickly dive into affiliate market.its never too late start up your affiliate and earn lots
Do not be stingy share with your friend earn money affiliating on Amazon.Comments if you have any questions
Thank You

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