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How Do I Make My Phone My Studio?

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How Do I Make My Phone My Studio?

Most rappers or musicians this days are not financially filled ,to go to the studio,But now my todays article deals with How Do You Make Your Phone Your Studio?Jerry is my name and i am also the CEO of buzzerloops,I am proud to tell you i am a rapper.I started rapping when i was 11 years of age as at then I was in Junior Secondary School 1.My first song wasn’t standard but i still kept singing,Despite the fact people tell me i am never gonna be a good musician.I Made my first song blues more of a lullaby which i sang to my class.Which i titled “Tonight”.
“Baby Take Me Tonight
have been waiting for the nightshe came into my mind and i say….”

But during that time i only sang my song to my classmate because i didn’t know i could make my phone my studio,When we finally switch fully to the andriod age.I started using my andriod when i was in Senior secondary school 1.Then i fully dab into the world of music.I started singing, to the extent that even my classmates doubt if i really compose the song.Music Talent isn’t given to everybody,cos we can’t all have the same talent.Do not force yourself to sing.If it’s not your talent,You might also have amazing talents.
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Music Is Not For All

Mike Hunt Of USA
I didn’t know music wasn’t my own path.The secret is the talents that lives in everyone of us has its special ability.I later discovered i am better at gymnastics than music
Joe Peters (Beat Maker) Texas
I force my self to sing all the time but anytime i sing i feel bad cos listening to my songs i keep saying Is this Really MeBut Later i found out i was good at making beats.And i begin to get likes from instagram cos of my beats.

How To Make My Phone My Studio With Apps

Recently i started my first song record with singplus but later found out they are no longer valid.But in this article I Will Give you some apps used to mix your beats and voice together.

1.TUNE ME (Recommended)
Tune me is a great will surely find it online on playstore.They do not provide beats for you,You import your own beats from your files, Then start recording.Autotune is added to your voice for free.But the best is that you download the pro. In naira:its N1460.In dollar i don’t know.But in Tune Me Pro You can adjust the pitch,Also put background voice.

2.Add Music To Voice
This app is great if you know how to manipulate it,When i was using it my voice become high than the beats.but you can contact google search engine for help on using it a lot of people are using because it’s great,but i still recommend tune me as number one but you can pick any they all sounds good.

3.Battle Me
This app meaning can even be denoted by it name.Hearing the word “Battle Me”.It means its gonna contain a lot of freestyle, It’s an online app,but you can’t extract beats from your gallery,you only have to depend on the apps beats.After signing up with them.You would be given a chance to join people in doing freestyle and also compete with fast rappers.Battle me is a great recording app that can be use offline after signing up.You enjoy it better if you subscribe for pro.

Rapchat is also doing a great job especially in terms of music promotion.You record your beats offline but only upload online. they really help in boosting popularity.When you become a rapchat member.There will be a lot of rap battle,but you have to cope.But the best for singers not rapper is Tune Me

Importance Of Phone Studio

Some people will not value this post,because they think it’s not useful.But please read this;
It will save you the money of going to studio.This is the main reason why you need to make your phone your studio,When you make your music on tune me you will enjoy it,cos your song will sound legit.your music will sound as if it was done on studio room.Download tune me on playstore,all the apps i listed is all on playstore.Go now online to download your the one you want.

When you download it and you enjoy it come back to comment even if it’s bad i will reply..
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