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How To Successfully Start An Entertainment Niche On Blogger

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I saw on my comment Box,someone asking me to write about this:

How To Successfully Start An Entertainment Niche

This days there is a particular niche that faces a lot of competiton which is the entertainment niche.The richest blogger in my country is a female,She dabbed fully into entertainment mode of blogging.Now she is the number one blogger in Nigeria.This entertainment isn’t that easy,But science believe that
“there is nothing impossible”.Like is said starting an entertaiment niche isn’t that easy.but you can try if you have interest in it.I am using the free platform blogger and that’s the only way i can help.I will be teaching you how to successfully start an entertainment niche on blogger
. All am saying is not to scare you but it’s very competitive so i will say you use wordpress, Using wordpress may expose you to a lot of thing and do not forget that wordpress has SEO Optimization.

How To Successfully Start An Entertainment Niche On Blogger

How Does Entertainment Niche Works?

The most interesting act of blogging is the entertainment niche,Many bloggers make money from promoting musics on their blog.Entertainment mode of blogging deals with gist,news,beats and latest songs.That means for you to dab into the entertainment niche you must have subscribe to a better website for fatser updates for music and gist.Entertainment niche pays without even adsense.As the adminn of buzzerloops.I do have an entertainment niche.Type hotluxos on your search box.The niche is doing great even in terms of entertainment but i had to close it down in order to focus on my blog.Entertainment niche is better but expensive,So be prepared for competition.

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How Do I Upload Music On My Blog?

That sounds uneasy right ?But it is easy.There are hundreds of web outside looking forward to give you link to your blog.In what way you may ask.Huh?. In the entertainment world of music,If you are using the blogger,you can’t upload directly from your blog,you have to do some uploading somewhere else.
Anyway here are three webs you can use to upload your music:


Box is used internationally even the best blogger make use of box.Whenever i upload my apps or music i make use of box sign up with them and get your link.

2.Media Fire

Media fire is best for music.In my country nigeria,Most entertainment niche owners make use of this stuff I call Media Fire.I love media fire cos your download will be made very fast.You can also pay for premium whereby you will no ads showing on your downloads.


Jumpshare you are trying i give you kudos.You are really doing a great job.In jumpshare your viewers can download your song and also listen at the same time.But most times your viewers might end up getting confused,Which might make readers run from your blog,Using jumpshare you have to create a post for them highlighting them how to download.
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Setting The Uploads Easily

This is very easy,and please if you don’t understand read again.This is easy,If you sign up for box,you have been given the go ahead, All you have to do is upload a music on box.You will be given a link for the music.Now you have to listen.

    1.°Go to your blogger dashboard
    2.Tap New Post
    3.Using Html type this

Then people will download through the link.

Things I must know in order to be successful in this entertainment niche

1.Ready For Competition
As popular as facebook is,There are lot more social media that likes to superceed them.In this world there is only trial of the fittest.In entertainment niche be ready for competition
,Live shows,Giveaways and lots more.
2.Update Is Obligatory
For you to be successful you have to always update your blog with latest news,gossip,and musics.As an entertainment niche,It must be at least 10 posts per day.So be ready cos you might have to burn midnight candles posting.Thats the main reason you must be two or more running the blog.
3.Always Visit Others Niche And Comment
Visiting others niche make them know you and also like to help you.infact,you can get many followers from their,You can comment for their excellence and also drop your link below
4.Always Reply Comments
This is very important,comments from your fans tells you how your blog is fairing,So many readers or subscribers mighf be rude,you just have to be patient and speak with understanding
5.No Copy And Paste
As an entertainer, songs must be same on every blog,Always upload something everyday,because there is always a gist everyday especially for entertainment. Copy and paste should be avoided because viewers don’t want to read a copy and paste article,so avoid copy and paste.
6.Verify Before Posting
In the entertainment world,news must be verified before posting so as to avoid arrest,The country has its own tracker incase if you give wrong information,you can be attacked and arrested,So be careful of what you post.

How Do I Earn Without Adsense?

Adsense isn’t the only way to earn money,As an entertainer you can earn via video promotions music promotions and adverts,All you need is a lot of visitor in your blog.Adsense too is good,but incase you ain’t accepted into their program, Never feel distressed just start earning affiliating and placing adverts on your blog.
Hope we satisfied you with our post “How to successfully start an entertainment niche on blogger”
Comment if you want our next article to be about your question

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