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What Are Your Thoughts For Your Blog In 2020?

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I was Thinking Of What To write so i decided to write on this question that bothers bloggers a lot.

What Are Your Thought As A Blogger For 2020?

This is a great questions for newbies bloggers isn’t it? As a blogger you must have some thoughts about your blog,There is no blog that can stand without some correct blogging strategies,I can tell you almost 50% blogs close down due to lack of blogging strategies.Without a startegy or thoughts you can’t run a blog,Last year I was thinking Of Blogging because my friends were blogging,Huh….The funny thing was i closed down the blog in just thirteen (13) days. On So many blogging platform,I have begin to see this mistakes,Even in some popular blogs,I would have mention names but you know i can’t do that.So many don’t even know what to blog about.thats why i decided to write on this article,So am Asking What Are Your Thoughts as A Blogger For 2020?

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We Are going to dab into a lot of topics :

  1. What’s Blogging?
  2. Must I Blog For Money?
  3. How Many Words Must You Write On My Blog?

What’s Blogging?

What First come to your mind as a newbie,What is a blog.Blog is an internet platform use to share ideas,Update and creativity to people who are interested or engrossed in the information you are passing through.
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Blog is an online platform used for passing message, articles,tips or even cheats to poeples or to the world.

A lot of people want to dab into blogger because of popularity or even because their friend is into it they want to be involved.My Question is Do you know the concept of blogging? you don’t become a blogger because ur friend did.You have to blog from the deep part of you.As we go on,You will know how our blog works

Must I Blog For Money?

This answer is a NO and also a YES,But the answer is No. you shouldn’t blog cos of the money, cos you might end up gaining nothing.Blogging is not mainly for money,Although money play some important role in it,but it’s not mainly for money,Like i said before,In bloggers world you must be able to share what you know your subscribers would be interested in.Whatever fetches you more page views,Just note this topics and always keep updating your readers about this or enlighten them more. On this topics.
A lot of people wanna blog because of their friend,Let noone influence you into doing what you are not interested in doing.Bloggers who follow peer pressure end up deleting their blog.Before dabbing into blogging world.What are the strategies before i can run my blog properly.
You will earn alot but you’ve gat to work, I can tell you that when you blog for money,You will end upclosing down the blog

How Many Words Must You Write On your Blog

As a blogger you must be able to know the meaning of SEO (search engine optimization).Without a knowledge about this you cannot rank on google.Most successful blogger are those who were able to manipulate the SEO Startegies.Now back to the question,As a blogger you must be able to write nothing less than 2000 words for you to rank on Google, If you write about money,we all know money has a lot of strategies so you should be able to write nothing less than 5000 in order to rank on Google.Because there are a lot of bigger webs out there fi

Thoughts As A Blogger For 2020 (New year edition)

Here are some thoughts you should have as a blogger for 2020:

1.Do Away The Zeal To Copy And Paste

2.In Your Article Go Straight To The Point
3.Socialize Your Blog
4.Use LongTail SEO Tools For Ranking
5.Get Traffics From Social Media
6.Be Creative
Lastly be good to comment on other bloggers post,So you can be noticed on their web. Don’t forget to comment.Have A good End Of The Year Rest.Be A good person by sharing it with friends and relatives thanks.
Share this tips What are your blogging tips for 2020Now.

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This is great and I wonder how you successful made your blog


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