How To Make Use Of Whatsapp Font

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How To Make Use Of The Whatsapp Font

Whatsapp has become the 2nd best Social apps.And we all know
almost all apps company are working really hard to rank on number one,so with this they challenge each other
with their special features.Facebook is still the world best social apps.But the owner of
whatsapp is really trying with his company to make sure they rank number 1.dont let’s forget that facebook ranked on google,
because of some special features like.stickers,templates and co.but mostly because of the free facebook.Which has finally brought a lot of
traffic to facebook.The people that visit facebook daily,noone can ever rank with such traffics.Anyway that’s not where i am going,I want to talk
about how to make use of the whatsapp font.Making use of whatsapp font is easy all you have to do is read and follow instructions

Writing The Bold Text

If you have experience blogging,you will know what we call the bold text,Well this feature has been added to whatsapp
that means you can use bold text on whatsapp too.its simple and easy
Here We Go

When typing your message on whatsapp all you have to do is
Add the asterisk (*) at the beginning of the word and also at the end of the word
Eg:*Welcome to my world*

Writing The Italics Text

We all know what we use italics for,We use italics most time for referral.Most cases
i use the italics text to refer people to my blog.Or Also use it to refer people to my audio,Also read Making your phone your studio
Here We Go

When you want to use the italics text on whatsapp,All you have to do is add the sign in the bracket(_) to your word
Eg:_Welcome to my world_

Writing The Monospace Font
Writing the corresponding text is used just to say thank you.But you can
denote your own uses by your own activity.
Here we Go

It’s as Simple as others,all you have to do is add the sign in the bracket to (“`) the words you wrote

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